Create 2 tables for same item

Hi, I am using Airtable for blog management. I currently have a table with blog title, subject, date published, etc., etc., I want to add an SEO checklist to my base. Obviously I can add it in this same table but the size is getting cumbersome. I would like to figure out how to auto-populate a second table with just the blog title, and then the SEO items following.

Is this possible?


Maybe 2 tables is best for your case, but you may still want to consider ways of condensing your SEO fields. You could use Views to hide/show them.

But to use two tables, you could set up an [SEO] Table something like the following:

  • Primary field is a Formula: 'SEO: '&{Blog Title}
  • Link to Another Record: {Blog Title}, which points to your existing blog table
  • whatever SEO fields you want

the caveat here is that the second table won’t automatically generate a new record for SEO data for each blog post you add to the main one. You’ll have to add a record to the [SEO] table yourself each time. (That’s why I typically recommend using one table if possible)