Create 3 Related Actions with Each Entry

For creating books, I have 3 main tables - Projects -> Titles -> Tasks

When I create a Title, I almost always have 3 “tasks” that need to occur. What is the best way to set up a way to replicate this workflow?

without having to cut/paste text and worry that I have a setting or pull-down wrong!!

Check out or

Both of them are automation tools that integrate with Airtable. You can set them up to watch for new records in your Titles table, and when a new record is made, you can have it trigger logic that automatically creates the 3 Tasks you need, and link them to the new Title you made.


Thank you! And, now any tips on how to write the Airtable formula for how to watch for a new record in airtable? I dont want old records or blank title fields, i want “new” records since last checked (right?) but have no idea how to write that up! Any further tips much appreciated @Jeremy_Oglesby

Looked at Integromat and Airtable support pages but cant seem to include those links…

No formula needed (and a formula couldn’t do that anyway). If you’re using Zapier to make the new tasks, you’ll use the “New record in view” trigger, targeting a view in your table that filters records that have titles added. New records with no titles won’t trigger it, only when a title is added.

If you’re using Integromat, it’s the “Watch records” module, which requires either a Created Time or Last Modified field. Use the latter, again targeting your {Title} field. Only when that field is actually edited by you will it trigger the scenario.

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