Create a form with filtered options


I’m trying to make a sign-up form for booking 3 different classes with 3 sessions each. So Airtable would have 9 sessions and 3 classes. The form would have 2 fields: the class and the session. The “class” (linked field) would be prefilled on the form based on the link it came from. But how can I make only the relevant sessions come up as options?

In more detail:

Class A: Session 1, Session 2, Session 3
Class B: Session 4, Session 5, Session 6
Class C: Session 7, Session 8, Session 9

If Class A is selected, is there any way to filter the options such that only Session 1, Session 2, and Session 3 show up? Maybe another linked field or multiple choice field would be best, though I’m not sure how to do that.

Looking for a way to do this without making a view per class. My ideal would be to just have one multi-purpose form that I can prefill.

Thank you very much!!

Unfortunately, that is not possible with Airtable forms, so you would have to turn to external tools.

You have 2 options that I know of:

  1. You can do it with JotForm and On2Air Forms.

  2. You can do it with the MiniExtensions form.

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