Create a new dashboard (or at least tab) from a refined view?

I have built a “master” dashboard for contacts in which one tab is for detailed information about each company and a second tab contains contact details of the individuals working for those companies.
When working on a new project I have to apply filters that will give me a smaller list of companies/people I should get in touch with. However, to save this smaller list as a view is not enough to me. I need to be able to create a new base (or at least tab) for the new project using the results of that refined search/view.
So, is it possible to create a new dashboard from a refined view?
Many thanks,

Hi Beatriz, the best solution would be to have a new project tab with a linked field for each record. for instance “smith” will be link 1 of project “alfa” you could have the same contact/company in many projects and x number of contacts/companies in one project. of course you’ll need to have some lookup fields to copy the contact details. In this solution each contact is one record therefore you’ll have to manually add each record into the the project tab. Cheers.