Create a review team


Hi, I work for a couple authors and they have review teams in which the members will read and review their books before release. Once the book releases, the members leave reviews in places like Amazon, Goodreads, iBooks, BookBub, etc.

My question is I am trying to set up a base in which I can keep track of each member. For example,

Did they review the book?
What rating did they give the book?
The link to their review.

I would like to keep a master list of all the members and then after each release, see who will remain on the team per the reading and reviewing process.

Thank you for any help/suggestions you can provide!



Well, the obvious tables would be these:


You’d probably want a junction table — maybe call it [Reviews] to track the intersection of these:


The [Reviews] record is actually a log of potential reviews: basically, it tracks when a team member receives a book to review. Valid, published reviews contain a record link to the [Site] table and a URL link to the review itself.

You’d probably want one more table: a ‘calc’ table to perform whatever vetting of reviewers is desired after each book release, based on whatever criteria you adopt (number of reviews published; promptness; significance [e.g., how many readers found it helpful]; positivity; and the like]).

Once you get into developing the base, feel free to ask any questions you may have; you’ll find having something concrete to work with typically increases the amount and value of forum comments…