Create a sum of multiple numeric values extracted from the same text tfield

Hi everyone,

first off, my skills are a bit basic, so I hope you have patience with me… I have a text field in which multiple numbers are being output by an automation and separated with a comma (it displays the file size of attachments.)

My goal is now to get the sum of all of these numbers in a formula field (I want to display the total filesize of all numbers combined).

I have tried using VALUE(Internal Notes) but in that case the numbers are just mashed together and not being calculated at all. So instead of “100200” I want this to display “300”.

Can anyone help me out on what to do? Or should this be resolved using scripts or something else? Any help would be much appreciated.

I would convert that field to a linked record field. Then you could create a Rollup field with the formula SUM(values) to get the total.

That worked perfectly, thanks for the tip!

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