Create a "Summary" tab with concatenated data

Hello Everyone !

I’m looking to do a summary tab based on another tab.

I have this tab “Exemple 1” with some data:

And I would like a “Summary” tab to be automatically populated, based on the “Example 1” tab:

Do you have any ideas?

Thanks a lot

In your Exemple 1 table, duplicate the {Name} field, convert it to a link to another record-type field, pointing at your Summary table.

In your Summary table, convert both the {Notes} and {Status} fields into lookup-type fields.

From now on when entering data in the Exemple 1 table, fill in the link to another record field and find some other use for the {Name} column as it would now be redundant. You could turn it into an autonumber or formula-type field to give a more unique record name, for example.


Thanks Kamille_Parks for your answer.

I am looking for something automatic. If I add a new line “Exemple 3” in the “Exemple 1” tab, for example:

I would like the "Summary " tab (all the columns) to fill in automatically without manual action.

Do you have any idea ?

Thanks a lat

Yes, if you followed by above instructions then the Summary tab will have automatically filled in. There is functionally no difference between manually typing in “Exemple 3” in a single line text field, as you’re doing now, compared to typing it into a link to another record field.

The only manual action my solution required is providing a name, “Exemple 3”, which is the bare minimum you would need to do for any solution. All you would do is type that into a different field and the lookup fields in the Summary table take care of the rest, automatically.

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