Create a Timeline style report using the free version of Airtable


I work with a very small nonprofit (under $10,000 per year) and the free version of Airtable works great for us. The only thing I don’t know how do is create a timeline style report that looks similar to the Timeline block available in the $20/per month Airtable Pro version. I don’t need my timeline to be interactive like the Airtable block is. I just need to create a report once per month showing (graphically) a timeline for the various upcoming projects we have for the year. Can I export a csv or ics file and use another program or service to create a timeline for me?

I don’t need the timeline to adjust itself in real time or to interact with Airtable. I just would like to take a snapshot at a point in time and print it out so I can hand it out at our board meeting. I would use the printed timeline to give board members an idea of what projects we have going on throughout the year. A full fledged Gantt chart would be overkill.



You can export a CSV, import in in excel and create a timeline graph. You might be able to use some free services like .

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I agree with the “export CSV to Excel” answer. I can’t speak to using any third party apps because I have little experience. PivotTables and PivotCharts. Excel is already so powerful and user friendly.