Create a View using API


I’m trying to figure out how to use your API.

What I need to do using the API endpoints is the following:

  1. Send a request to create a user (record/row) in a table

  2. Then create a Gallery view named as the user’s name

  3. Generate a “share view” link/embed code with an active filter.

Is this something that is possible to do via the API?


You can create records via the API, but you can’t create/edit anything to do with the interface, such as creating/renaming views, filtering/grouping/sorting/coloring views, etc.

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Which api are you using? If you are using the REST API, you cannot create a new view.

It is possible to create a url to pre-set a filter for a shared view. Note that it is easy for users to remove the filter, so it should not be used in situations where security is an issue.

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Ok, got it.

Thanks a lot

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