Create a way to batch add/remove multiple choice OR linked records from multiple records at once

Hello! I am creating a schedule where each record is an event. Each record/event includes a column for “invitees” which is a linked record to my contacts tables. Each record/event also includes a multiple select field for “tags” which is how I’m categorizing the events to be able to create specific calendars by department, etc.

This issue is, when I often (i.e. multiple times a day) want to add/remove a single invitee or a tag to dozens or hundreds of events. So far, I’ve only been able edit each record individually. It would be great it I could select the applicable records and then add or remove the invitee to all selected records without modifying the other invitees on that record. That’s why the copy/paste feature doesn’t work in this use case. Each record has a unique mixture of tags and invitees.

I’ve seen some formula based solutions to this that involve creating new fields, adding the value to the new field, using a formula to combine the fields, copying and pasting from the formula field to the original field, then deleting all the new fields, etc. but given how much I’d need this…it’s way too cumbersome to be efficient