Create an invoice from Typeform / Zapier / QuickBooks

I’m using Typeform with stripe integration to sell tickets for an event i’m organising.

In my form, customers choose differents options trough multiple select questions. I’m adding price of the different options they choosed with the typeform calculator and make the paiement in the typeform by stripe.

The informations then get into my Airtable by Zapier, and i’d like to send the customers an invoice from that.

I was planning to make a zap from a new record in a view, and send the informations to QuickBooks to create an invoice, but the integration of Airtable -> Zapier -> QuickBooks -> Invoice -> Happyme only works trough line items.

I found a topic about creating line items in Airtable, but i can’t figure out how to send them to QuickBooks : Create an invoice with multiple items and various quantities

Thanks if you can help :slight_smile:

Hey Sebastian,
You may want to check out an alternative called Here’s the Airtable to QuickBooks integration to help you out: :slight_smile: