Create an invoice with multiple items and various quantities



I am trying to create a form in Airtable so it fills out the fields and creates an invoice.

I thought this would be really simple but I am stuck adding multiple products and multiple quantities.

Basically, I have a table called ‘Prices’ this has all the products, product codes, prices, colours and sizes, I then have another table called ‘Invoices’, in this table we have the fields called, product, qty, size and location.

From the '‘Invoices’ table, we lookup the product code from ‘Prices’ and display it in the product field, we then add our qty, size and location (This is taken from another table called ‘Location’ and it can be multiple selections).

Finally it calculate the cost of the cost of the product, add the cost of the locations and gives me a total figure. So far this appears to work and I don’t see it being an issue creating an invoice as it’s all on 1 row.

What I am can’t workout is… How do I add more products with multiple quantities (Some of the products may even be the same product but a different size)?

On an invoice, another product would be added to another line but I don’t appear to have that luxury within Airtable. Any ideas how to do this?


I think you’ll need a junction table. I’d call it something like “Line Items”. Link both your “Prices” and “Invoices” table to it.

Here is an example: