Create and share a personal view for someone else

We have the paid version of Airtable that allows private views to be hidden from others. I am creating views for multiple people and would like to hide each one from those they are not for.

For instance, “Jeff’s view” would be available to him and me and hidden to everyone else.

From what I’ve seen, a contributor has to create their own personal view in order to hide it from others?

One of the biggest complaints from our team in implementing Airtable is that there is too much visually, so I’m creating separate views for each team member and would like to hide the others.


Ahhh, I think I already figured it out. I have to have everyone take ownership of their view, choose it as “personal view” and then have everyone unselect “show everyone’s personal views.”

The only downside of this is that I won’t be able to edit anyone’s views once they’ve become personal, though I can still view them.

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