Create Base via Zapier


Just discovered the product and love it, however we need to be able to create bases based on Zapier zaps and I was disappointed to see that pretty basic feature as far as integration goes is missing, I hope you consider adding it in the future.

I also hope to see a more condensed list view of bases (I do see you can switch between grids and lists). We won’t have large bases, but we will have many.

Thanks you


A base is something very important, you do not create one every day. What is your use case? :thinking:


Hi Elias,

Thanks for responding. Our use case is that whenever we create a project in our business management software, I would like to trigger the creation of a corresponding base for the project in Airtable.

In response to your comment that a base is very important and you do not create one every day, that doesn’t seem to jive with what Airtable is promoting, which is unlimited bases for users. IMO what is so unique about Airtable is that it is blurring the lines between a database and a spreadsheet, and I can see a business having thousands of bases just like they have thousands of spreadsheets.

Even though a single base can track a lot, in our case every project has different team members, and to simplify I think we would simply want a separate base for every project.



I’ve been checking Zapier, IFTT, Integromay and the API, and I think Airtable doesn’t allow to create bases externally. If every project have different people, maybe Airtable is not the best solution :man_shrugging:

I’m watching this thread to see other responses :slight_smile: