Create Customer Quote/Order overview


Hi there,

Maybe this is a easy one but I’m struggling a bit,
I run a record store and we use a online group to sell records,
We recently started to use air table, and I’m struggling to find a away to create a quotum that states every item with a separate price that I can easily copy paste to a conversation with a client.

I only have an overview of the total of order line, so -

record x
record y
record z
= 30 euro’s

I want to have,

record x = 10
record y = 10
record z = 10
total = 30 euro’s

In a perfect world - I would like to have a separate view or column where this info is automatically neatly alligned, so I only have to copy paste it to a client.

Hope I formulated my question clear,
English is not my first language and I lack the technical vocabular to make my question clear but I need some help to fix this problem,

Kind regards,