Create Date of a persons specific age


Hello, my question:
A person is born f.e. 1990-07-02
I want to know, the date, when the person ist 67. After that, i want to install a countdown to this 67.Birthday.


The date formula (for 67th birthday is simple):

DATEADD({Birth Date},67,‘Year’)

and the countdown (in days) could be a formula like:

DATETIME_DIFF({67th Birthday},TODAY(),‘days’)


Thank you Julian,

the first step worked. I have a field birthday (Geburtstag) in the format DD.MM.YYYY, then I created a number field named (Rentenalter) with constains the desired age of retirement (f.e. 67) and a third field with the formula DATEADD(Geburtstag,Rentenalter,”Year”). But the result in my example (Birthday 15.04.1961 and retirement with 67) was 4/15/2028 12:00 am

So what do I have to do to get the result in the format: 15.4.2018 (without hours)?



The best way is to use the Formatting tab of the formula field - as it always returns a date it will allow you to format it: