Create different blocks with multiple dashboards

I created a base to manage a discovery product backlog. This base contains some tables I can divide in 2 categories :

  • Product’s tables (everything needed for story mapping),
  • Strategy tables (Roadmap, Targets, etc.).

Of course informations of those 2 categories are related but KPIs are different. I regroup all my KPIs in different dashboard so I can monitor my product in one hand (realization) and my strategy in the other hand (conception).

To improve my velocity and productivity it could be so insteresting to have the abity to create blocks tabs like a table. Each blocks tabs containing multiple dashboards. And of course to name my blocks tabs.
So in my exemple I would have :

  • 1 strategy tab : containing all my dashboards for my roadmap, etc.
  • 1 Product tab : containting all my dashboards to prioritize my item, see description and prototype, etc.

And may if I’ve got a team one more tab to monitor my processes.

What do you think ?