Create Documents from database

Hi all,

We are a small real estate agency, using Airtable for our property database which is very nice.

We face an issue and want to ask for solution, we need to create either 1) Listing or 2) Single property particular to our client from our property database, right now we only selected the properties we want to send to our clients and manually type it on Word, it is waste of time and easy to have typo.
May I ask how to simply from from the selected properties in our database … e.g. selected 10 properties and then print the selected in a listing ? And also the option to print the selected to 10 individual single property particular?

I found the built-in document creation app is not powerful to do that… any suggestion of app or service should we use ? Don’t mind to subscribe more service to do…

Appreciate for the recommendation…

Best, Tony

I would check out DocuMint or On2Air: Actions. There are probably other good options, too, that I am not thinking of right now. Others may chime in with other ideas.

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Hey Tony,

As Scott mentioned, check out our On2Air app for Documents.

You create a template in Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides, and the app will automatically generate the document with your Airtable data. You can additionally add the file URL into your Airtable base and/or as a PDF. You could then automatically email it to your client using Automations.

It’s free to create some documents, so feel free to give it a try. Glad to give you free setup support also.

Here’s an example using a Sales Contract and Google Docs

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Hi, thanks for input, will have a look of the app you mentioned…

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Hi, many thanks for the suggestion, will have look and try…

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