Create empty record when daily form isn't completed

I’m new to Airtable (and databases generally) so I apologize that I can’t articulate my problem better than this. But here goes:

Through Zapier, every day I send an Airtable form to my clients. When they complete the form, a new record appears in the base. So far so good.

Ideally, they would complete the form every day of the week so there would be one record per client per day. But they sometimes forget…

Is there a way to automatically create a blank record (with null values) for the days when they forget to complete the form? I need to track these no-response days and don’t want to create the records with null values manually.

I’ll be (extremely) grateful for any help.


Hi Jason, and welcome to the community!

Yes, but it requires some scripting using an action script that does this…

  1. Once a day the action script triggers and scans the current day’s records looking for gaps.
  2. When it finds a gap, it creates an empty record for that date/client.
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I apologize for the delay responding – thank you for your reply. I do appreciate it. I found the help article about action scripts and will give it a shot.

With gratitude,

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