Create formula based on two previous columns

Is there a way I can create a formula based on two previous columns?

For example, I have a ‘voucher number’ column, and if there is a voucher number entered the ‘fee’ column is 0. If there isn’t a voucher number entered, the ‘fee’ is 265. I have a ‘discount’ column which is a multi-select: either ‘yes’ or ‘no’. If they were to select ‘yes’, I want the ‘fee’ to go to 220.

I currently have this formula which works but doesn’t take into account the ‘discount’ column as I can’t seem to find a formula that works:
IF({Voucher Number}=BLANK(),265, {Voucher Number}=0)

You want nested IF statements. I would also flip the condition for the voucher around to test if there is a voucher, to make it easier to understand. (This assumes that a voucher number will never be 0.)

IF({Voucher Number},

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