Create formula that copies information from one field to another when a box is checked

I am creating a base with two tables to determine the likelihood of which medical condition is most causing symptoms. In table 1 I have essentially a dashboard. List of possible conditions, percent likely, my symptom number, number of symptoms possible, list of all symptoms I selected, etc.

In table 2 I have a long list of symptoms possible in all the conditions. I have a column linked to table 1 pulling the condition type information, a column linked to table 1 called “link to possible diagnosis”, and a column linked to table 1 called “Condition (from possible diagnosis)”.

“Link to possible diagnosis” has all of the conditions listed that share that symptom. “Condition (from possible diagnosis)” is currently empty.

What I want to do is have a checkbox column in table 2 labeled “Experienced?” where, when checked, would copy the conditions from “Link to possible diagnosis” field for that specific symptom in table 2, to the “Condition (from possible diagnosis)” field for that specific symptom in table 2. That way the person filling out the form would just have to click all the boxes for the symptoms they are experiencing and the rest of the base would be able to calculate the likelihood of which condition would be best to start looking into first.

Thank you for any help on this.