Create iCal link that shows only events that contains specific tag

I manage base full of events that can be displayed as a grid or calendar
Each event at least 1 tag (for example: event-movie tag-fun, event-yoga tag-sports)
I’m looking to create a few different iCal links from this base
Each link will subscribe to events contain only one tag
For example: iCal link that shows only sports events
Can it be done? any recommendations?

Welcome to the community, @David_Ben_Meir! :smiley: This is easily done by creating further calendar views, with each one using a filter to only include records matching the desired tag. Each calendar view will have its own subscription link, so that people can subscribe to the feeds they wish.


Amazing! so simple and elegant,
maybe do you know how often the calendar apps will pull updates (or is it the other way around and Airtable is pushing updated)?
many thanks!!

Each calendar app will sync on its own schedule. Most apps leave the user in control of that. It’s definitely not reliant upon Airtable to push the data.

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