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Hi community,
I need your help.
I try to create multiple records with automation.
If the new record created has the product A and “3month”, you have to create 3 records :
1st record : Add the product 1, product 2 and product 3
2rd record : add the product 4, 5 and 6

To match the product i have to add when i create record, i create a data base with :

  • Product A : Month 1 / Product 1, 2 and 3
  • Product A : Month 2 / Product 4,5,6

Can you help me please ?

Thank’s a lot,


Hey @Matthieu_LABERIBE,

you can set up an automation and my recommendation is the following process:

  1. Create a formula for condition that will check the product and the month like this:
if(and({product}="Product A",{Month}="3month"),1,0)
  1. set up an automation with a trigger “When a record matches the condition”. In the condition set “when the formula result is equal to 1” so when the formula in step 1 returns 1 the trigger will be fired
  2. Create a new link to field where you will set the connection with the new records from the automation and the products you want to connect
  3. Set you actions"
    Based on you description you want to create 3 new records so the first 3 actions in the automation will be “create a record”. Then you have add 3 further action “update a record” that will update every new record this automation created. The update will be on the link to filed from step 3 where you will import the name of the product you want to add.

Please check it and let us know if this works for you. :slight_smile:

Yours sincerely,
Dimitris Goudis

Thanks a lot for your answer. That’s working !! Perfect
Have a good week end

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