Create multiple records from one record


I feel like there is an easy way to do this, but I don’t know how to describe it, so I’m having trouble searching…
I have one table with a list of lessons. The first field is lessons to be presented.
A second field links to a table of individuals who need to be given lessons, so it looks like this:

I would like to have an auto-populated second table (or view) which creates a to-do list with the first field being the following format: “Student’s Name: Task”, with one record generated for each individual receiving that task, so it might be:
CK: Folding Cloths
Rogers: Folding Cloths

How do I do this? Your help is much appreciated!



In programming, this would be handled with a FOR loop: for each of the students in the {PLANNED for} field, concatenate that student with the item from the {Name} field. However, such a thing isn’t yet possible with Airtable formulas. If it was a simple 1:1 relationship—one student and one activity for each record—it would be easy. However, introducing a second student makes this impossible directly within Airtable because there’s no way to process an arbitrarily-sized collection of items in the same record.

Now, there might be a way to pull it off with an integration service like Zapier or Integromat. If so, I’ll leave it to the experts in those tools to speak up.



Thanks for talking a shot, Justin!



Is there any way to link to a formula field?



Only if that formula field is the primary (first) field for a record. What exactly are you trying to achieve with the link?