Create multiple select option if doesn't exist

Is there a way to create a multiple select options via scripting blocks? I would have though if you set a field to a new option that doesn’t exist it would create it but doesn’t seem to be the case

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Welcome to the community, @Tim_Arnold! :smiley: I’m not aware of a way to do what you want. The scripting block lets you do a lot, but nothing in the way of editing the actual setup of a field, such as adding options to a single- or multiple-select field. In a way, it’s kind of like the scripting block has permissions equivalent to an editor-level collaborator who can modify the data using the existing field options, but is unable to customize fields to change those options.

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bummer, it would be awesome if it could create them or at least throw an error if it doesn’t exist

Yes, it would be nice!

This solution doesn’t use the scripting block, but Zapier does have the ability to add new options into the multiple-select dropdown if the newly-entered value doesn’t already exist. It’s just built into the way Zapier functions (it must be operating at the creator level) — if you add a value to a single-select or multi-select field that doesn’t already exist, it will get added into the dropdown values.

(Although it would be really nice if Airtable enabled editors to edit the dropdown menu options — that’s often a big part of data entry.)