Create new record with foreign key


Hi, I’m having problem to create new record with a link to another record.

An “422” error occurred when trying to create record on
"appfIRESxNQnQ5D05:prodej" : Value “recl8c3CDNQECQCyR” contains
duplicate value. Each record ID must appear only once

I’m not sure what does it mean.

This is an array of fields:

array (6)
id => 173
jmeno_prijmeni => "Petr Ogurčák" (14)
email => "" (15)
datum => NULL
zpusob_dopravy => "recl8c3CDNQECQCyR" (17)
zpusob_platby => "reccQSEWSSsVCVtnb" (17)

And the same data in json
"{"fields":{"id":173,"jmeno_prijmeni":"Petr Ogur\u010d\u00e1k","email":"","datum":null,"zpusob_dopravy":"recl8c3CDNQECQCyR","zpusob_plat ... "


Hi Peter,

Your links fields take an array of IDs. Looks like you’re passing in a string.

Also, it’s best to contact support with questions like this so you don’t accidentally put sensitive data on a public forum.