Create Record action in a create record automation does not work

I created a automation “When record is created” and added an action to create another record in another table - the new record in the other table should get field values from the created record in step-1. The automation does not take those values from the record - they are empty. It seems that the record of step-1 is not created yet (like a DB commit). Other field values that are set with fixed values are taken into the new record, but every field that should be taken from step-1 are empty :frowning: Any suggestion what is wrong here?

“When record is created” triggers as soon as you create the new record. This means that it always triggers when the record is blank, unless the record is created through a submitted form or the API.

So in your case, you will probably want to trigger the automation in some other way, such as checking a checkbox field.


Thats it! It works when I use my form. Just for test I inserted the record directly in the table view. Thanks a lot for your advice :pray:

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