Create record from the Multiselect Lookup

Previously I’m using multiselect field from the current table. However, I am trying to automate by pulling the multiselect field from the LOOKUP. But when I want to run the script, I am unable to do so.

Here is the structure of the base

My current script

let templateName = r.getCellValue(;

let monthName = r.getCellValue(;

templateName.forEach(item => console.log(`${monthName}; ${}`));

let combinedArray = => `${monthName}; ${}`);


How to modify this script? Thanks!

try to add .join().split(',')
right after getCellValue(fname)
i’m not sure it’s correct for all types of lookup, but it should work in your case

note that if your values contain comma, you should define another divider, also providing join() with it


You’re a lifesaver! Thanks a lot mate!

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