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I have a program that can make API calls via HTTP Request but you can only input URL’s.

Is it possible with the Airtable API to create records using just a URL with query parameters?

Everything I’m finding says to use curl but that’s not possible with the software I’m using.

If not is there a service that my software can send a URL with query parameters to and then it takes it and executes the proper curl to Airtable? Maybe Postman?

Thank you.

Welcome to the community @Kelvin_Ramirez!

I generally build this if I need to in Google Apps Script, but your question is fundamentally related to the concept of inbound webhooks. Ideally, Airtable would support both out and inbound hooks that create HTTP posts (or GETs) and listen for them as well.

@openside, you folks have such a service?

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interesting use case… we have a product inching close to finish line that is intended for overcoming CORS issue, but it essentially would allow you to set up a GET url that then performs a POST/PUT/PATCH to an external url (i.e. airtable api). So you could actually accomplish this scenario using that service. DM me if you want to get on waiting list for when its ready.

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Sounds like @openside has an exciting solution coming very soon! Can’t wait to see it! :slight_smile:

One other thing you might want to explore is that Integromat accepts webhooks, which means that it can be on the receiving end of a URL.

So you can send your URL to Integromat, and then you can have Integromat parse the data from the URL and create a new record in Airtable for you, using its Airtable integration.

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Would something like this work for you?

It connects to an API and populates your table.

Maybe you can use the code there for your requirement.

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