Create Sign Up Form

I am creating a volunteer database. I have 100 unique positions in 10 different categories to fill. Ideally, I want to send a form to Volunteer, let them choose their category and then within category choose their specific job enter name, email phone and be done.

Welcome to the community, Tom! :smiley: Unfortunately Airtable’s native forms don’t allow for the kind of logic that’s required for your scenario, where a selection in one list drives the options available in another list. What you want can be achieved, though, with the help of third-party form software that ties into Airtable, specifically the On2Air: Forms / Jotform combo.

Another option is to combine the category and job into a single line, which could be done with a formula in the primary field of the table used for selection.


It’ll mean a bit more scrolling when the user picks from the list, but it could be done directly within Airtable’s own forms.