Create static date when checkbox is clicked


I would like to create a new static date when a checkbox is clicked. It should be [day the checkbox is clicked] + [X Days].

I’m actually using

IF({Follow-up 1 sent?} = 1, (DATEADD(TODAY(),2,"days")),BLANK())

However the Today() function keeps updating the date to … today. I’d like the newly created date to be static and not be incremented every day by the TODAY() function.


Hide your formula field, and then you can automate the process of inserting 2 days from today when the checkbox is checked by inserting the results of your hidden formula field into a normal date field.

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Can you clarify “Hide your formula field” plz. Where should I add my formula?

You aren’t actually required to hide it, except for cosmetic purposes. It serves no purpose except to feed the automation, so you don’t need to visually see it. But you do need it for the automation, because automations can’t calculate formulas on their own, so automations have to pull from formula fields that have already been created.

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I’ve created a new formula field with updated formula but it doesn’t update the date.

IF({Follow-up 1 sent?} = 1, {Date for Follow-Up 2} = (DATEADD(TODAY(),2,"days")), {Date for Follow-Up 2} = BLANK())

You could use your original formula from your original post, but I would scrap that formula and just use the simplest version of what you need, which is this:


Then, hide that formula field because you don’t need to see it.

Then, setup an automation that triggers when you check the checkbox. Set the automation’s action to update your brand new date field (which it doesn’t look like you have created yet) to be the formula field.

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Thank you. Its working.

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