Create XML Feed

I need to ask my developers to turn a table into an XML feed, but I can’t find any web pages that explains how they would start. Does anyone have any suggestions, so that I can submit more than “Turn this Airtable” into an XML feed. They have never worked with Airtable before so want to provide as much detail as possible.

Hi @Elijah_Kirsch - your best bet is to direct them to the API documentation for your base (go to Help -> API documentation). This is the best way to programatically extract data from your base. The API returns data in JSON format, but it should be straightforward for your developers to convert this to XML. There are tons of resources out there for this type of conversion, in most programming languages:

Worth asking - do you want an XML feed because you specifically need XML or because you want XML to feed another system/app? If the latter, you could potentially bypass XML and get your developers to go from JSON from the API directly to the 2nd system.



Thank you for the help. It would be up to the developers. They may decide we don’t need the XML

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