Created a Numeric Value Based on Multiple Checkboxes

Hello, I’m having trouble creating an IF CHECKBOX formula.

I’m trying to create a numeric score based on multiple checkboxes, assigning a value to each. I’ve successfully done the first using this formula.

IF({FIELDA}=1, “80”,“0”)

This puts the number 80 in my formula column if FIELDA is checked and 0 if not.

What I need to accomplish is having other checkboxes with other values.

IF({FIELDA}=1, “80”,“0”)
IF({FIELDB}=1, “10”,“0”)
IF({FIELDC}=1, “-25”,“0”)

I’m looking for help creating the formula so if each box is checked, it adds another value that is calculated.

In the above example, if all three were checked, the SCORE in my formula field would be 65 since 80 + 10 - 25 = 65. But, if the first two were checked the score would be 90.

Any guidance would be much appreciated.

Hi Shannon. You’re almost there. First, in your IF statements, make the return values numeric (remove the double quotes). Then, simply put the addition sign (+) between the IF statements. That should do it. Good luck!

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