"Created by" field type (or username called by formula)


Hi there:

Part of how I use Airtable is as a CRM, and I am setting up a table that my staff can use to track customer interactions. We are interacting with hundreds of customers, and it’s very useful to be able to know which staff member was involved in previous communications with a customer. Just like there is a “created time” field type, it would be great to have a “created by” field type. Alternatively, a formula that returned the username of the active user would also be a potential solution.



A workaround you could use to achieve something similar would be to have a “View” for each staff member that is Filtered to show only “Communications” records where the “Collaborator” field has that staff member’s name in it. When the staff member is working on communications, they would work in that view and add a record for each “contact” they make with a customer, and link them to that customer. When you create a new record in a “View” filtered on “Collaborator”, it will automatically fill the “Collaborator” field so that the record is not filtered out of the “View” it was created in.

My suggestion may not fit in with your current base structure or workflow, but hopefully the root concept there makes sense at least.


Yes, that does make sense. I hadn’t thought of doing it that way, but it would work. In this particular instance I think that would be too clumsy, but I can think of a few other bases I have where that workaround be feasible.

At this point, we’re going off of the record revision history in the expanded view. This base is on the Pro plan, so 1 year of revision history should be sufficient for my purposes. Ideally I would like to have the username listed in a field so that information is available for >1 yr, but so be it - it seems like that’s what’s available now.