Created date time field and imported data

I have built an Airtable structure that utilizes the Created date/time field type to track when a record is added. This Airtable solution will replace an Excel version of the same data.

The Excel version contains 2 years worth of data with it’s own creation date column.
When I come to import this data into Airtable, the Created date/time field is going to return a value of the import date/time and rightfully, not the real creation date from Excel,

This means when I develop charts such as Records added by month, the imported data will always be linked to the import month. I will not be able to use the Created date/time field to analyse the historical data.

What is the best way to only have to use one creation field date (without the user manually choosing the creation date on a form) to track the actual creation date of both historical and current/future data?


Create 2 fields: one for the imported date/time, and one for Airtable’s built-in creation date/time.

Then, create a 3rd field: a formula field which checks if the imported date/time field is empty. If it’s empty, it should result in Airtable’s built-in creation date field. If it’s not empty, it should result in the imported date/time field.

Use this 3rd field for all of your future references to the creation date of the record.

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Perfect solution, thanks @ScottWorld!

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