Created Time in Charts Incorrect

Hi Everyone!

We are looking to chart records using the ‘created time’ field type. We want to make a bar chart for entries per day into the database based on when the record was created.

When we use the “Created Time” (without a ‘time field’) and then build a bar graph using blocks, the entries made in the morning are recognised as the day before. All the information is correct and has been double checked.

For example, a record created with a “Created Date” of 2/5/19 and a time of 0722 is shown as being created on 1/5/19 in the bar chart.

The image is the data that sits behind the 1/5/19 column.

Has anyone experienced/solved this?


In your “Created Time” field, are you using the option that says

“Use the same time zone (GMT) for all collaborators” ?

Switching that option either on or off could make a difference.