Creating a company hierarchy (Parent/Child)

Is it possible in Airtable to create some kind of company hierarchy such as:

Company 1 (parent)

  • Company A (child)
  • Company B (child)
  • Company C (child)

Company 2 (parent)

  • Company A (child)
  • Company B (child)
  • Company C (child)

To try and help you understand what I have and what I want to achieve, I have simplified my base as follows:

I have an Accounts table:

I have a Projects table:

I have a Tasks table:

What would I need to do to find out (link) which projects/tasks Company 1 (parent company) are working on?
As a start, in the Accounts table, I created a ‘Parent Company’ field that is linked to the Accounts table (I’m not sure if this is right or not) but I can’t figure out the next steps.

Can anyone help?

One possible solution is to reverse the parent/child linking process. Instead of linking each child to its parent, link the parent to all of its children (and of course, rename the {Parent Company} field to {Child Company}). In your example, Company 1 and Company 2 would each have three links. That will allow you to perform lookups and rollups of all projects and tasks for those child companies.

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