Creating a "COPY BASE" link at top right of read-only

I’m trying to automate my purchase process, wherein after purchase, someone can simply sign up for AT and click on “copy base” at the top right of the screen (I’ve seen this many times with bases I’ve copied on developer sites for examples).

My current process makes it so that the client has to wait for me to manually send it to them and it would “automate” the process by the client doing this themselves.

Can someone please share how this is done? I can’t find it

What I understand is as following
Sharing base as readonly will not result in “copy-base” link but the user will have readonly view of the whole base. You might not want to provide readonly view of the whole base.
You can use airtable form-view which will not expose your whole base to the clients.

sample form view is as following


You can create a form and then send form link to the client.
Please note that airtable form functionality is limited compared to user who has direct access to the base.

In your case ideally you need client portal where each client logs-in and see their relevant data and should not be able to see other clients’ data.


Hi, thanks. I did know this already but thank you for the response.

I think that the only way to do this is to add it to the AT universe which will allow for the copy base at the top right, however, because I sell what I create I wouldn’t want for the public to be able to find and use it. I think I will unfortunately have to stay with what I already have.

thanks though!

You don’t need to add it to the universe to share it in a way that will let viewers copy it. It’s all in the sharing settings, but the labeling of things is (IMO) not that intuitive.

This can be done either from the workspace view by clicking the down arrow next to your base name, or while viewing the base itself by clicking the down arrow next to its title at the top. In the popup, click on “Create a shared link to the whole base.” A smaller popup will appear, with a green check next to “Disable link sharing”. Click on “Private read-only link”, and some extra info will appear, including a link that you can share. To ensure that users of that link can copy the base to their own workspaces, make sure that “Allow viewers to copy the data in this base” is switched on.