Creating a count of same items from single select field

I have two tables:

‘people’ (including single select field for ‘dietary requirements’)

I can assign multiple people to each event. I then use a rollup field in ‘events’ linking to ‘people’ and the ‘dietary requirements’ field with this simple formula:
ARRAYJOIN((values), ", ")

It returns something like: None, Pescatarian, Vegetarian, None, None, None, None, None

What I would really like to see is:

1 x Pescatarian
1 x Vegetarian
6 x None (or No dietary requirements)

There are more than three options at the moment (e.g. ‘nut allergy’ and others, and as I add more people there will be additional dietary requirements to add to the single select field, no doubt.

What is the way to achieve this ‘count of same items’ please?


Check out reply by @Jeremy_Oglesby for counting from ARRAYJOIN result

Above article shows method for calculating number of times certain item appears in the result.


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