Creating a counting dashboard in another table

Good morning!!

Today I’m trying to build a dashboard for my hiring process (for multiple companies) and I’m facing a problem I’ve already had.

Currently candidates are in a table ‘Candidates’ with one column for name / companies / status… and hundreds of rows.

My ultimate goal would be to summarize all these infos in another one table e.g. Number of candidates in Specific positions per Specific companies.

Can’t get over it with the look into another record / rollup formulas and I was hoping you could help me!
My guess is that it would eventually look like this:

Thank you very much in advance,

Hi @Gaultier_Brun - this can be done if you have one table for candidates and another for companies. If the candidates table has a linked field to the companies table, then you can use the companies table to form your dashboard. Conditional rollup fields (based on the candidate status) would allow you to create columns to show number of “status A”, number of “status B” and so on.

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