Creating a custom URL for a typeform

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It appears as if I have stumped even Reddit… here is my question:

I am attempting to customize a typeform link to include hidden fields associated with one table so that I can sync it to the next table and keep the data consistent. I have tried both of these in a formula, and neither are working:

Brand Onboarding - New & {First Name for Typeform URL} & “&email=“ & {Email Address} & “&brand=“ & {Brand Name} & “&last_name=“ & {Last Name for Typeform URL}

CONCATENATE("Brand Onboarding - New, {First Name for Typeform URL}, “&email=“, {Email Address}, “&brand=“, {Brand Name}, “&last_name=“, {Last Name for Typeform URL})

I created the first name and last name for typeform to replace a space between two words with %20 so I already took care of any space issues. Any ideas on what else I’m missing? Thanks!

P.S. I would LOVE to ditch Typeform, but until the UX and customization options on the airtable forms vastly improve, it doesn’t make sense for us to make the switch in most cases.

The ENCODE_URL_COMPONENT(component_string) should take care of the space characters.

I am confused on what is a string and what parts of your URL are AT fields can you post a screenshot of the Airtable formula editor with the failed code?
The " at the beginning looks like you opened a string but never closed it.

Thanks! I tried encoding earlier and it didn’t work. I tried again just now for the screenshot and the error is always the same. Formula and screenshot below.

CONCATENATE("Brand Onboarding - New,

DISCLAIMER: I have never used Typeform.

I am confused as why the #first_name query is not formatted like &email=

Do you know what the correct URL should look like from Typeform?

Here is a formula that succeeds, but I took some liberties on the query string

CONCATENATE("","&first_name=",{First Name},"&email=",{Email Address},"&brand=",{Brand Name},"&last_name=")

Ah! The formula worked, but alas, the link did not.

Here is the “share” link directly from typeform (I added spaces because it said i wasn’t allowed to post the URL):

https://storeyline. /to/gT1ZCqUZ#first_name=xxxxx&email=xxxxx&brand=xxxxx&last_name=xxxxx

I did a little research on tyeform urls

The # should be first

try this:

CONCATENATE("","#first_name=",{First Name},"&email=",{Email Address},"&brand=",{Brand Name},"&last_name=",{Last Name})

Which will give you this URL:


This worked - you rock! Thanks!

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