Creating a dashboard summarizing costs from other tables


Feeling a little stupid because I can’t figure out how to do this. It is a simple task on a spreadsheet, but I have failed in all my attempts to get it to work.

I am managing a construction project and I have creating 2 tables, One for electrical costs and another for Sprinklers Cost.

I then created a third table, which I call it Dashboard. The intention with that table is to show the sums of all costs from the other tables.

For example, on the sprinklers table, I have a column (Quote) with all the costs I have incurred so far. I did the same thing on the Electrical table. On the Dashboard table I have created a record for Sprinklers and another for Electrical, and for each record I need to show the sum of the costs for the tables Electrical and Sprinklers

As per the images attached, I want to be able to show the value of $14,300 (sum of all costs on the column “Quote” of the Electrical table) on the record of Electrical #200, at column “Total Paid so far” on the Dashboard Table. I also want to show the amount of $8,500 (sum of all the costs on the “sprinklers” table on the “Sprinklers” record), at “Quote” Column) at the “Total Paid so far” column, on the Dashboard table,.

Can anyone please tell me what I need to do to accomplish that task?

I would appreciate any response.

P.S. Since I am new user, I could only upload one image (dashboard).


I need the same solution!!


Hi Alex. You don’t need to set up a dashboard table, nor keeping separate tables for electrical and sprinklers . Unless you need them separate for a specific purpose it is better to have only one table to input your costs with one column specifying the type of cost. You can then group your records by type of cost and airtable will show totals as you wanted.
Alternatively if you want for whatever reason to have your dashboard table you only have to define the cost types (electrical, sprinkler…), as you already have, as the key of your dashboard table. Use only one table for your costs. This costs table must have a column for the cost type, linked to the dashboard table. Finally, define the total paid column in the dashboard table to summarize the costs in the costs table.