Creating a database for a quiz system

Hey there, im currently trying to creat a database for at quiz system, and i dont really know how i should do this.
Lets start with the basics, there should be a array of different quiz types for example (Classic, Guess the number and Match quiz) and this should have a Category too.
This part seems pretty straight foward to me, here i would just create at table for each (Quiz, Category and Type), but now i need to add questions and answers to each quiz, and this is where im getting a little confused, because all the different types of quizzes should have a different layout and im not sure how to do this the best way.
Is there a nice and compact way to do this or do i have to create 2 tables for each quiz type?

Does this make sence or should i describe it in another way?

I may not fully understand your dilemma, as the issue looks pretty simple to design to me:

Single table, with three fields: QUESTION, ANSWER, CATEGORY.

Unless you are talking about writing a system that acts as an automated quiz system that people interact with, in which case its a lot more complex.

I dont find it that simple, as i see it i need 6 different tabels: QUIZS, QUESTIONS, ANSWERS, HINTS, CATEGORY and TYPES.

The only purpose it to allow the user to create a new quiz within any given type and category, and then Zapier should send the data to Webflow CMS.

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