Creating a field that lists what is linked to

This is a tough one to describe in one sentence. Basically, I have a group of people who “sponsor” one another. There is no real hierarchy. Person A could sponsor Person B who could sponsor Person C who could Sponsor Person A. Some Sponsors might have multiple Sponsees.

So I have one field, “Name”, and another Field “Their Sponsor” that links to the Name field. So I can see each Sponsee’s Sponsor, and what I would like is a way to see each Sponsor’s Sponsees, ideally in the same table. And, ideally, when the field “Their Sponsor” is updated, the “Sponsor’s Sponsees” field is automatically updated.

Thanks in advance.

Look at us having the exact same problem at exactly the same time.

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Hi @JasonF - have a look at this post - you can use Airtable Automations to make reciprocal links:


Thank you, Jonathan. It looks like Automation is what I am looking for. I can’t quite work out a solution with automation (because the update record action doesn’t allowing adding to a record, only replacing), but I think that’s a subject for another thread.

For those interested, that problem [update record action doesn’t allowing adding to a record, only replacing] has been solved :

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