Creating a form to update a record

We need to be able to create a form that updates certain fields in a given record - not overwriting what is already in there, but adding to it. It appears that this cannot be done within Airtable but I hope I am wrong (or that there’s a simple add-on that can help). The adding-to aspect of this is vital for our purposes though. Can anyone help?


Unfortunately, that cannot be done natively with Airtable. You would need to use this tool:

p.s. If you need help setting this up for your needs, I am an expert Airtable consultant and you can contact me through my website at

Thanks Scott! Is it possible to use that tool to add to rather than replace the existing data in a given record? This is where I keep running into problems.

Yes, the terminology is called “editing” or “updating”, not “adding to”. Yes, you can do that with many of their tools: the form tool, the client portal tool, the view editor tool, etc.

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