Creating a label with a list of item #'s

Hello. I’m new and green at this. I’m creating an inventory for props used in a TV show. I’ve built an inventory table that lists item numbers and other info, including the pallet number the items will be stored on. (A number of items will be stored on the same pallet) I want to create a label using the page designer block that picks up the Pallet number and the names of the items that will be on that pallet. For example,

Pallet 1
“item1, item2, item3” etc.

Screen Shot 2019-07-27 at 8.05.05 AM

Probably ridiculously simple but I’m stuck.



Hi @Jonathan_Rose - the page designed displays/prints per record so, even though you have many items on the same pallet, it will only display each item record (if the page designer works off the item data).

The way around this is to make have the page designer print the pallet record instead and to do this you’ll need to make pallets have their own table.

Here’s a simplified mock-up:

Have a Pallets table like this:


And on your items table, instead of just noting the pallet number as you have it now, link to a record in the Pallets table:

Now build your page design from the pallets table and access the linked item records:

Resulting in something like this:

(Edit - I’ve got two of “item 4” so ignore this!)



Hi. Just saw this. I think I figured it out with some help from another community member. I’ll take a look on Airtable. Thx.