Creating a Master Table for Projects/Tasks

Our organization has several different bases for the different functional areas (sales, marketing, operations, product etc). Each of these bases has linked tables for projects and tasks.

I am looking to create a master base with tables that merge all of the tasks, and all of the projects from the other bases. I can see how to sync tables separately from other bases but I’d like to be able to merge them into a single table.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi @Henry_Meiklejohn1 ,

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The best scenario is to have all your projects in a master document and then to share multiple views to different tables. However on what you have described you have multiple tables and you want to create a master table based on them.

I recommend to sync all those tables to the new base where actually you gone have one table for every synced table separately. Then you have to find the common field which you could you use as a matching key in order to create “linked to” fields and then you will have the master table.

For any further question please do not hesitate to post back to community. Please, if you try it post here your results.


Thanks for the reply @Dimitris_Goudis , I ended up creating a new base with one table listing all the projects, and then created multiple views corresponding to each functional area. Then I synced each view to the corresponding base. I ended up deleting the old “Project” tables from each base. I have exactly what I need now. Not sure if this is exactly what you were describing, but either way your comment led me to that, so thank you very much.


Hi Henry,

This is what I mean :P. I am very happy that this solution worked. Please don’t forget to mark the post as solved.


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