Creating a multi-item order record &still track in inventory



I’m wondering if it’s possible to have a multi-item order record and deduct from our inventory table without having to enter each item in the unique orders as a separate record.

For example, if Stefani places an order as order number 100 for 2 chicken breasts, 3 racks of lamb, and 1 whole chicken (we are a butcher shop), I am currently entering order 100 three times, as three separate records, so that I can use a quantity field to deduct from our inventory table. Is there a way to have Stefani’s order under 1 record, and still have each of those items/quantities deducted from our product inventory?

Thanks! I’m new to Airtable so sorry if I didn’t explain well.



I’m having a similar issue. We use forms to let people order 1 of 3 types of kits. Lets say kits X, Y and Z. There are 5-10 items in each kit which we track in our product inventory table - so for example a, b, c, d, e are in X, a, b, d, g are in Z - it would be great to allow people to select kit X when ordering and then have products a b c d e deducted in our product inventory.

I’ve explored with FIND and lookups to no avail. Any help would be great.


Hi Melissa

The normal way to do this is to have an Orders table and then an Order Lines table where the items and quantities are stored (and these are linked to Inventory to enable the calculation you describe.

In your case this would mean 4 records, one for the order an one for each line item.

Inputting this into Airtable is cumbersome if you edit the tables as is - but if you use the order record expanded it becomes quite simple.