Creating a new view automatically

Hi all,

I’m hoping that what I want to do is possible.

I’m using Airtbale to track meetings, agendas and actions - not something I’ve seen an example of either in Airtable templates or in Universe.

My current process is this:

  1. Make a new meeting in my Meetings table, adding in the team it involves and the team members attending
  2. Go to Agendas & Actions table, where I’ve linked the Meetings table and I can choose which meeting I’m writing an agenda for.

It’s at this point I have an issue.

This master Agendas & Actions table is going to get very confusing very quickly. I want to make a new view for every meeting, so I can link all attendees to the agenda they need to see. I’m hoping that there’s a way to automate this, but I can’t figure it out.

Now that I write it out, I’m not sure there will be. If anyone has an example of how they run a similar system, that would be much appreciated - it’s entirely possible I’ve gone about this in an illogical way.

I think @openside has done something like this.

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Hi @Ros_Bell - unfortunately there is no way to automate creating views. They have to be manually created via the interface.

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Aaaah, I suspected as much. Okay, no worries! Thanks @openside

This is where I thought - hmmm, I’ve seen something like this solution somewhere, and it was resolved not through views but through a dynamic roll-up into a separate table.

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