Creating a PDF letter with the data from the records and link it to a certain field

Hey all!

I want to create a letter within Airtable and link the letter’s PDF to a specific field. The purpose of it is to eventually send an email with the attachment connected to each record.

By the way, it is possible to create the letter with Airtable’s Page Designer app. But, you can not link it automatically to a specific field.

Do you have any idea what I should use to get it done?

Welcome to the community, @Bar_Maaravi!

Yeah, Page Designer is a gigantic disappointment… not only does it not work properly for multi page documents, but there is absolutely no way to automate it at all. You are required to manually print your documents as PDF files, and then you need to manually embed that PDF document into an attachment field. It’s a mess.

I would highly recommend using the excellent DocuMint instead, which can be fully automated and contains ALL of the missing features that Airtable’s Page Designer is lacking:


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